Escape rooms are a great way to spend time

Komnata Quest is one of the biggest escape room networks in the world

We host escape rooms in the US, Europe and Asia

  • 6countries
  • 11cities
  • 25partners
  • 38escape rooms

Photo of the founder of the network escape room

Our company was founded in 2014 and has developed rapidly since then.

Artem Kramin, Founder

Our awards

In fall 2017 "Komnata quest" was voted the best escape room company in the USA in a poll by the oldest American nationwide newspaper USA Today.

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We offer a unique service — escape room leasing and quick-build

You can start a game in the chosen location within 5 days

Change your game every month!

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Find a location that meets our requirements

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Rent an escape room for a monthly charge

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Try an escape room and then change it for something new

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Start an escape room in the prepared location in just 7 days

Captivating scenarios and stunning escape room design have guaranteed our success

We’ve got 25 fresh, hot scenarios that inspire our visitors to come back!

Thematic image of the quest Joker's Cafe

Joker's Cafe

14+   2-5 persons

  • Adventure
  • Family
  • For fans
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Thematic image of the quest 1408


18+   2-4 persons

  • Adventure
  • Tought cookie
  • Horror
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Our experienced screenwriters team adapt famous stories for the escape room format and write exciting original scenarios in different genres and for different audiences

Our authentic, durable props and set-pieces are produced by professional prop designers.

Thematic image of The Heir to the Throne

The Heir to the Throne

18+   2-4 persons

  • Adventure
  • Nice set
  • For fans
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Thematic image of the Doctor Frankenstein

Doctor Frankenstein

16+   2-8 persons

  • Adventure
  • Horror
  • Historical
  • Mystical
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Our engineers produce hi-tech escape room equipment. Electronics are reliable, flexible and easy-to-use

Props and hi-tech equipment shipping, installation and testing

Thematic image of the vault

The Vault

16+   1-6 persons

  • Horror
  • Large
  • Mystical
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Thematic image of the Saint Angelo's Castle

Saint Angelo's Castle

16+   2-8 persons

  • Adventure
  • Horror
  • Historical
  • Mystical
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Rent different escape rooms and find out which scenarios are preferred by your visitors before selecting a regular option

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What is inside each escape room location?

Standards, instructions, checklists

  • escape room map
  • Entrance to the escape room
  • escape room inside
  • escape room's team
  • escape room's documents

Each escape room script contains all the information you might need:

  • blueprints of the game,
  • branbook,
  • interior design descriptions,
  • example of placing interior items,
  • clues, puzzles, and tasks,
  • prop descriptions,
  • device operation principles,
  • all digital materials such as music, videos, and prerecorded voice clues,
  • light and sound effects throughout the game,
  • introduction and debrief scripts,
  • multiple adventure ending possibilities, etc.

We provide all the details your team will need to operate the business to the highest standard

  • Working process
    For the managers, we provide guidance on how to work with the employers, interact with guests and partners, manage finances.
  • Training video
    For the employees – educational videos and instructions on how to prepare for a typical working day, greet visitors, take photos, take payment, site maintenance, etc

Marketing tools for escape room promotion

We know how to get more customers

Screenshot of the site escape room

We will add your escape room to our website so that guests can enquire and book online

We have a great website conversion:
  • 6% visitors in NY make a purchase,
  • 3.35% in London,
  • 2.27% worldwide.
Our website will help you to attract a variety visitors, because it supports 10 languages:
  • Russian
  • English
  • Suomi
  • Español
  • Deutsch
  • Francaise
  • Korean
  • Italian
  • Catalan
  • Kazakh

You will get access to our SMM system with a huge archive of creative materials for Instagram and Facebook, Google Ads, and offline marketing campaigns.

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Our escape rooms are the best — they are recognized by professional communities

  • Photo of the founder of the network quests Room

    Chris Moschella EscapeAuthority founder Played more than 400 escape rooms

    Komnata Quest has quickly become one of my favorite brands in the US. Their games carry a distinctly different flavor that's always satisfying, compelling and engaging.

  • Photo of the founder of the network quests Room

    MATT S Escape Room Addict Played more than 130 escape rooms

    Our various ERA teams have played well over 700+ different escape rooms across the USA and Canada, and St. Angelo's Castle is hands down one of the best!

  • Photo of the founder of the network quests Room

    DAN K Escape Room Addict Played more than 80 escape rooms

    You will definitely have fun in the unique environment; the presentation is top notch; and the staff is fully invested in the quality of your adventure.

  • Photo of the founder of the network quests Room

    Taylor EscapeAuthority Played more than 150 escape rooms

    Komnata continues to prove that they are determined to be an industryleader - and from nearly all of our axperiences with them, they achieve that goal in ways difficult to dispute.

Recommended by

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How much do our franchisees earn?

  • Sherlocked, NY

    Opened March, 2017 Investments: $ 40 K In December 2018 Revenue: $ 10 K per month Profit before tax: $ 3.5 K per month
  • Dr. Frankenstein, London

    Opened June, 2018 Investments: £ 120 K In November 2018 Revenue: $ 23.6 K per month Profit before tax: $ 7.8 K per month
  • Maze of Hakaina, NY

    Opened October, 2016 Investments: $ 60 K In December 2018 Revenue: $ 14.5 K per month Profit before tax: $ 5 K per month

What do our franchisees say?

Photo of the founder of the network escape Room

I watched the project for a while and saw how within several months the Komnata transformed into a large network. I understood that it would be a crime to keep watching from the sidelines.

Andrey Akhmetzyanov

Photo of the founder of the network quests Room

I like the Komnata for the lack of compromises in its implementation. If we say “demons,” we mean they are two meters tall and able to speak. If we say “flying saucer,” – we mean it will fly.

Anna Sagdatzianva

Join Komnata Quest — start your own business with the world's best escape room network

  • The world-famous escape room franchise
  • Unique service: escape room leasing
  • To start a new escape room takes 7 days

We wil send you summary calculations of profit and loss for one game based upon our own results

Our manager will contact you via WhatsApp to answer all of your questions